The world’s most beautiful drink

Add beauty to your life


The drink of choice of busy, successful people everywhere. Coffee can help your mental and physical performance.
It accelerates fat burning and can contribute to weight loss.


Water is life. It’s as simple as that. Staying hydrated is essential for your overall health and wellbeing. Don’t like the taste of water? You’ll love Havana – plus it contains none of the chemicals that are commonly found in tap water.


Get that buzz with Havana. Feel more awake and alert, and think clearly. Caffeine improves your focus for work and studying, and can help you keep doing your thing for longer without feeling fatigued.

There are no other chemical additions or modifications, making it safe for everyone to drink!

citric acid

Don’t stress – our citric acid comes from lemons. We add just enough of it to enhance our Havana flavours and ensure that each can reaches you in perfect condition.

natural flavorings

Made with our secret formula

Different Flavours

Vanilla. Cappuccino. Cafe macchiato. Cafe mocha. Enjoy your favourite Havana flavours – they’re all based on natural ingredients. Like we said, nothing artificial is allowed in Havana.

As if Havana wasn’t already delicious enough, we’ve created a tempting range of sparkling coffee drinks in all your favourite flavours. Which one will you try first?

In other words, refreshment, hydration and a great boost from the coffee and caffeine.